to attract investments
January – March
March – June
December 5 – 30
January 9 – 20
January 23 – February 17 February 20 – 24
February 27 – March 3
March – June 2023
Acceptance of Applications & Screening
Signing Contracts with Startups
Scale Up Program in Almaty
Preparation for the Demo Day
Demo Day / Graduation
Global Scaling Support
Global Scaling Support
Scale Up Program
Signing Contracts
Startup can be from any industry. We work with technology companies from various sectors.
*approximate amount for a comfortable stay in high-end foreign markets (USA, Europe, SEA) to gain first traction, expand sales and launch a growth campaign
  • Founders must come from Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)
  • Startup has raised funds and/or has an allocated budget of $200,000* to scale abroad. We propose that it should be allocated as a separate budget for operations of a local company.
  • Fluent in English
  • Traction in the home market
  • Product market fit confirmed, existing sales
  • Late seed/growth stage (round A, B)
scale up
Strong networking and expertise
database of experts (lawyers, accountants, marketing etc.)
The program will reveal:
Week 1:
Week 2-4:
Week 5:
Onboarding, proprietary lectures on pitch structure, modeling and
review, ‘insiders’ hacks on communications specifics, investor approaches (IRM), client
acquisition (CRM), advisory board, term sheet negotiations. Welcome dinner.
Work individually with hand-picked mentors and startup coaches,
lectures on a variety of specialized topics. Fireside chats. Pitching & feedback with/from top
venture investors, angel groups and gurus in the world every evening (closed door).
Pitching directly to partners of top accelerators in the world such as Y-
Combinator, 500 Startups, Alchemist, SkyDeck (Berkeley), StartX (Stanford), others. Future action plans, final reflection. Press Day. Demo Day. Graduation dinner.
scale up program
  • Networking events, conferences, meetups
  • Immerse yourself in that environment
  • Meetings with investors corporates angels VCs
  • Demo Day series
  • First steps in business launching
  • Prototype launch
  • Processes setting up
  • Acquaintance with experts
  • Preferential accommodation conditions
  • Soft landing
  • Help with registration, setting accounting, acquiring, legal consultation
  • Networking
MOST Holding is planning to open a co-living/co-working spot in San Francisco for Central Asian tech startups looking to scale to the U.S. market
most house
MOST House SF team will provide essential support for startups, e.g.
san francisco
$10.000 option at today's valuation
SAFE option for investing up to $1M with cap of around $10M
Flight, visa, food In the USA - at the expense of a startup
Accommodation in MOST House SF for the dates of Scale up
program in the USA is provided with discount by MOST
Flight, meals, accommodation in Almaty - at the expense of a startup

If a company stays in the US, we can help to arrange
accommodation in the US for up to 1 year with a discount
Teams that do not show growth will be excluded from the program
for startups
our experience
our team
Head of educational programs in
MOST Ventures Fund
Managing partner of MOST Ventures, founder of the business angels club UMAY Angels
Dinara Babich
Mirat Akhmetsadykov
Alim Khamitov
Managing partner of MOST Ventures, founder of the business angels club UMAY Angels
Innov8 connect tech-rich (but undervalued) emerging markets with the powerhouse of Silicon Valley.
Focused on cross-border investments into high-tech startups. Fund II Size $90M. “We help build an innovation ecosystem, then invest in the players.” Provide Top-ranked educational courses in Global Innovation. Partnered with renowned accelerator programs, including: Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Alchemist, SkyDeck, TechStars. Over 17 “batches” for Russian speaking founders to-date, over 170 startups, who raised over $189M to date, are in all the top accelerator programs. An extraordinary network of top investors, entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers in the Valley and around the world.
Val Jerdes
Alex Volkov
Mike Schwitay
11 Innov8 Global Ventures Fund II — Overview for Limited Partners — T H E T E A M
Val is Partner at Innov8 Global Ventures | Advisory | Labs, working out of Palo Alto, California and Moscow, Russia. Val has advised on the formation of numerous incubator and accelerators, including Foresight Ventures, Reactor Ventures, Pulsar Ventures, and Sarov Technopark. In his native Silicon Valley, California, Val is also a successful entrepreneur who co-founded and led three software startups to successful exits. He has subsequently helped hundreds of companies refine their startups, win pilot
customers and raise funding. Previously, Val worked at Apple Computer as channel marketing manager for an early handwriting recognition technology product (the Newton PDA, precursor to the iPhone). He subsequently worked in the Advanced Technology Group of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space and in private equity firms in Russia. He is a board member of VLAB (MIT-Stanford Enterprise Forum) and numerous startups. He also works closely with accelerator programs such as 500 Startups, Y-Combinator, StartX (Stanford), SkyDeck (Berkeley), Sandhill Angels,, and the Stanford-Harvard Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs. Val holds a BA from Pomona College, MA from Stanford
University and has conducted PhD research at the University of Cambridge.
Aleks Wolkow is a partner of Innov8 Global Partners, working out of their offices in Moscow, Russia and New York, New York. Aleks specializes in investing into and growing startup companies, especially on building powerful operations, logistics and sales teams that support their success.

Aleks has built numerous distributor networks, sales teams and networks of offices and partners throughout Russia for well-known international brands - including NEPT, who he helped successfully transition from a strictly sales based organization to an organization that manufactures its own commercial ventilation (HVAC) systems and electronics; BELAZ, a large Belarusian manufacturer of construction and mining equipment for whom he created a joint venture and found international markets for their products; and numerous other startups in various fields such as services, logistics, construction, insurance, real estate.

Aleks also runs a successful family real estate investment trust, with properties located in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

Mr. Wolkow was born and lived in the United States. He worked at Bear Sterns, Airborne Express, and several franchises in the logistics field that he built and successfully sold. Mr. Wolkow received a dual degree in Finance and International Business from NYU College and has been living and working in Russia since 2004.
Mike Schwitay is a Partner at Innov8 Global Ventures | Advisory | Labs, leading the Advisory team. Michael Schwitay has over 30 years of experience in delivering IT systems across various business sectors including Healthcare, Transportation, Real Estate, Publishing, Imaging, and Software Development. He has extensive experience in application life cycle management, SDLC, business analysis, process improvement and automation - managing multimillion dollar projects and implementations to enhance efficiency, maximize ROI, and ensure alignment with client requirements.
Michael started his career coding and designing software and understands software development and delivery requirements. He also has extensive experience correlating technical solutions into business, and often works as a liaison between business and technology teams. His clients have included Kaiser Permanente Healthcare, Epic Systems, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Peoplesoft, Ikon Office Solutions, and the Canadian Federal Government.
Michael has a degree in computer science from Canada and a BS in Computer science from the US. He is a native English speaker, fluent in German and currently learning Russian.
  • 21 acceleration programs;
  • 10,000 people received educational content;
  • Residents raised over $6,000,000 in investments and grants;
  • During its existence, the company has supported 1200 start-up projects;
  • Invested in 115 start-ups of the company’s residents.
MOST Business Incubator is a community that brings together startups, business angels, market experts and corporations to create the best conditions for the development of IT and startup ecosystem of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The business incubator has extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurs. For 11 years of work, we have organized dozens of various events aimed at raising the level of education among young people, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2011.
MOST Business Incubator
Investment readiness acceleration program for pre-seed/seed stages' startups from Central Asia. 29 alumni, 3 of which attracted investments from MOST.
MOST Ventures
Is the first private venture fund ($10M) which invests in technology startups from Central Asia at pre-seed, seed, Round A stages. In 2021, the fund closed 5 deals with local startups for more than $2M: One Vision (Kazakhstan), NambaOne (Kyrgyzstan), UvU (Kazakhstan), CTOgram (Kazakhstan), EasyTap (Kazakhstan).
Esther Dyson
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Esther is one of the most famous investors, authors and philanthropists in the world, considered by some to be the ‘Godmother of the Internet.’ A Swiss-born American who grew up with a famous nuclear physicist father and mathematician mother, she is a leading investor focused on health care, open government, digital technology, biotechnology, and space travel. Release 2.0, her seminal 1997 book on how the Internet affects individuals' lives, was re-published in 1998. Esther is on the boards of Medesk, 23andMe,, Luxoft, Meetup,, PA Consulting, Personal Inc, TerraLink Technologies, Voxiva, WPP Group, XCOR Aerospace and Yandex (their first major investor). Dyson was also an early investor in TrustedID, Cygnus Solutions, Flickr (sold to Yahoo!), (sold to Yahoo!), Eventful, Netbeans (sold to Sun Microsystems), Powerset, Systinet, ZEDO, CV-Online, Medscape (now part of WebMD), Linkstorm, Medstory (sold to Microsoft), Valkee, Robin Labs and Lexity (sold to Yahoo) and hundreds of others. From 1998 - 2000, she was the founding chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). She has followed the post-Soviet transition of Eastern Europe, from 2002 - 2012 was a member of the Bulgarian President's IT Advisory Council, along with Vint Cerf, George Sadowsky, and Veni Markovski. Currently, Dyson describes herself as "spending more time on private aviation and commercial space startups" and also in health care and genetics. She is a founding member of Space Angels Network and has invested in XCOR, Constellation Services (transformed into Nanoracks), Zero-G (now part of Space Adventures), Icon Aircraft, and Mars One. From 2005-2007 she hosted the Flight School conference in Aspen. She trained with Soviet cosmonauts at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Brad is one of the most admired and prolific venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and writers in the world. He currently is a Partner at Foundry Group (Boulder, Colorado), which has raised five early-stage funds of $225 million each — in 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2016. Foundry also raised a $225 million Select Fund in 2013 that invests in later stage opportunities of their earlier stage funds and in 2016, they raised Foundry Next which is a $500 million fund investing in later stage opportunities as well as investing in other venture firms. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, Brad co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. Brad is also a co-founder of Techstars, one of the top a an early-stage venture funds and startup accelerators in the world. Feld began financing technology startups in the early 1990s and was an early investor in Harmonix, Zynga, MakerBot, Fitbit. BigDoor Media, Cheezburger Networks, Gnip, Oblong, Orbotix, and Standing Cloud. Other notables include Abuzz (acq. NYT), (acq. PALM), Critical Path (CPTH), Cyanea (acq. IBM), Dante Group (acq. WEBM), DataPower (acq. IBM), FeedBurner (acq. by GOOG), Feld Group (acq. by EDS), Harmonix (acq. VIA), NetGenesis (IPO), ServiceMagic (acq. IACI), and ServiceMetrics (acq. EXDS)
Brad is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship and writes widely read and well respected blogs at and
Brad holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Brad is also an art collector and long-distance runner. He has completed 25 marathons as part of his mission to finish a marathon in each of the 50 states.
Feld serves on the boards of nonprofits National Center for Women & Information Technology, Startup Colorado, Global EIR Program, and UP Global.

Tim is one of the most passionate investors in Silicon Valley, a place teeming with geniuses and oddballs. He co-owns two safari camps and a luxury island resort in Tanzania, he’s guzzled snake blood in Taiwan, and swam from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park without a wetsuit. Draper is fueled by an insatiable curiosity about technology and how the world works and possessed of a missionary zeal to disperse the valley’s entrepreneurial spirit into every nook and cranny of the planet. Tim grew up in Atherton, the scion of Silicon Valley royalty. His grandfather William Henry Draper Jr., was a pioneer of California’s venture capital industry. His father, Bill Draper, spearheaded Sutter Hill Ventures and now runs a charitable foundation. Tim co-founded venture capital firms Draper Associates and DFJ. Tim's original suggestion to use "viral marketing" in web-based e-mail to geometrically spread an Internet product to its market was instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and other web-based email providers and has been adopted as a standard marketing technique by hundreds of businesses. His many hundreds of investments include Skype (10% stake sold to Microsoft for $4.1B), Tesla, Hotmail, Avant, Baidu, Coinbase, LendKey, Meetup, Sisense, Twitter, Yammer, and Zoox, Theranos, SpaceX,
Tim was on the Board of U.C. Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Tim was named Always-On #1 top venture capital deal maker in the world, and has received hundreds of accolades including Tim was ranked 52 on the list of the 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, and seven on the Forbes Midas List. im was awarded the Commonwealth Club's Distinguished Citizen Award for achievements in green and sustainable energy.
Tim has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Steve is Managing Director of Future Ventures. Previously he was MD of Draper Fisher Jurvetson where he was founding VC investor in Hotmail (MSFT), Interwoven (IWOV), and Kana (KANA). He also led the firm's investments in Tradex and Cyras (acquired by Ariba and Ciena for $8B), and most recently, in pioneering companies in nanotechnology and molecular electronics. Previously, Mr. Jurvetson was an R&D Engineer at Hewlett-Packard, where seven of his communications chip designs were fabricated. His prior technical experience also includes programming, materials science research (TEM atomic imaging of GaAs), and computer design at HP's PC Division, the Center for Materials Research, and Mostek. He has also worked in product marketing at Apple and NeXT Software.
At Stanford University, he finished his BSEE in 2.5 years and graduated #1 in his class, as the Henry Ford Scholar. Mr. Jurvetson also holds an MS in Electrical Engineering, MBA from Stanford Business School, serves on the Merrill Lynch and STVP Advisory Boards and is Co-Chair of the NanoBusiness Alliance. He was honored as "The Valley's Sharpest VC" on the cover of Business 2.0 and chosen by the SF Chronicle and SF Examiner as one of "the ten people expected to have the greatest impact on the Bay Area in the early part of the 21st Century." He was profiled in the New York Times Magazine and featured on the cover of Worth and Fortune Magazines, chosen by Forbes as one of "Tech's Best Venture Investors", by the VC Journal as one of the "Ten Most Influential VCs", and by Fortune as part of their "Brain Trust of Top Ten Minds." He was also honored with the "Advocate of the Year Award" by Small Times and chosen as one of "Nanotech's Power Elite" by the Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report. Jurvetson was named to Forbes' "Midas List" of Tech's Top Investors in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.Also in 2016, President Barack Obama appointed Jurvetson as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.
Brad Feld
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Foundry Group
Tim Draper
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Draper Associates
Steve Jurvetson
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Future Ventures
Chon Tang
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
UC Berkeley SkyDeck
Chon is Founding Partner of UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Fund and an experienced Silicon Valley engineer, entrepreneur and investor. He was formerly founding partner and Managing Director of Junzi Capital Engineering, a leading quantitative hedge fund investing in the commodity space. He has been actively investing in Silicon Valley startups for 12 years, and has personal investments in over 25 deals with multiple IPOs and exits. He remains an active member of multiple angel investing groups, and serves on the advisory board of multiple VC-backed companies. Chon completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.
Considered one of the Valley's hottest early-stage investors, Garry is co-founder and Managing Partner of Initialized Capital. His startups have created more than $36B in market value in 7 years. A fully institutional LP base and over $500M in assets under management. Investments include Instacart, Coinbase, OpenDoor, Flexport, Zenefits, Cruise Automation (acq by GM), Plangrid (acq by Autodesk), Patreon , Rippling, HelloSign (acq by Dropbox), EasyPost, Zeus, Triplebyte, LogDNA, Envoy, Blend Labs, Color Genomics, Soylent, Ridecell, Standard Cognition, Rippling, Insight Data Science, Rainforest QA, Clever, Comprehend, Lever, Sift, Lob, Heap, Roman, Truepill, Drip Capital,, Paperspace, Vetcove, HelloOffice, Orderful, Tundra, Empower Financial, Helm, and many more.
Previously a partner at Y Combinator. Garry invested in and directly worked with over 700 companies in 5 years from the earliest possible stage, often just an idea.
Before that, Garry co founded Posterous and helped build it to a world-class website used by millions. (Acquired by Twitter). He also cofounded the engineering team for Palantir Technology's quant finance analysis platform.
Forbes Midas List of Top Global Venture Capitalists, Ranked #21 for 2019.
BA in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Sam is co-chairman of OpenAI along with Elon Musk and on the Board of Y Combinator - an investor, writer and thought leader. Sam brought the total valuation of Y Combinator companies beyond $65 billion, including well-known startups like Airbnb, Dropbox, Zenefits and Stripe, He is a personal investor in manyof these companies, including Airbnb, Reddit, Asana, Pinterest, Teespring, Zenefits, FarmLogs, Shoptiques, Instacart, Optimizely, Verbling, Soylent, Reserve, Vicarious, Clever, Notable PDF and He started YC Continuity, a $700 million growth-stage equity fund that invests in YC companies as well as Y Combinator Research, a non-profit research lab, and donated $10 million to the group. YC Research has thus far announced research on basic income, the future of computing, education, and building new cities. Peviously, Sam founded Hydrazine Capital, co-founded Loopt where he served as its Chief Executive Officer. Sam was Senior Vice President of Interactive at Green Dot Corporation and its Chief Technology Officer. He serves as a Director of Reddit and Teespring. Sam was named the top investor under 30 by Forbes in 2015, one of the "Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology" by BusinessWeek in 2008 and listed as one of the five most interesting startup founders between 1979 and 2009 by his colleague Paul Graham. Sam studied Computer Science in Security and Machine Learning from Stanford University.
Doug is a billionaire venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital, and leads Sequoia's global expansion into China, India, and Southeast Asia as Global Managing Partner. Doug works with enterprise and mobile companies, and has been involved with numerous successful companies, including ServiceNow (NOW), RingCentral (RNG), Aruba, Meraki, Rackspace, Netezza, Arbor/Hyperion, and MedExpress. He sits on the board of PlanGrid, NuBank, Medallia, ZirMed, ActionIQ, Numerify, Lattice Engines, ActionIQ, Medallia, Nubank, Plangrid, Snapdocs, and others.
Forbes named him a top 10 investor in the technology industry in the United States. Prior to joining Sequoia Capital in 1988, Doug held sales and sales management positions at Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Prime Computer. Doug has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, an MS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, and an MS in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Garry Tan
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Initialized Capital
Sam Altman
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Y Combinator
Doug Leone
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Sequoia Capital
Mark Kvamme
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Drive Capital
Mark is a venture capitalist at Drive Capital in Columbus, Ohio. The son of legendary VC Floyd Kvamme (venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), he grew up in Sunnyvale and got a programmer job at Apple as a 19-year-old Berkeley student, then left to found four companies, one of which, advertising agency CKS Group, went public in 1995 with a $218 million valuation. He merged it with another company in a $340 million deal three years later and then became a partner at Sequoia, where he invested $5 million in LinkedIn the year the networking giant launched (a stake now worth $2.6 billion). He currently sits on the board of FarmLogs, Roadtrippers, Clinc, Funny or Die, Muve Health, Udacity. He specializes in innovative technology, healthcare and consumer investments in the Midwest, where he also worked as state development director in the administration of Ohio Governor John Kasich. Before Drive Capital, Mark was the interim chief investment officer and president of JobsOhio. Prior to JobsOhio, Mark was a partner at Sequoia Capital, the chairman and CEO of CKS Group, the director of international marketing at Wyse Technology, President and CEO of International Solutions and a founding member of Apple France working for Jean Louis Gassee. Mark has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.
Bill has over 40 years of experience as an investor, entrepreneur and operating executive - an investor who started the first seed-stage fund along with his partner, Guy Kawasakii. Since joining Garage in 1998, Bill has focused on early-stage information technology and materials science companies. He has been a board director or board observer at CaseStack, WhiteHat Security, ClearFuels Technology, Simply Hired, MiaSole, D.light Design, ThermoCeramix, and VisaNow, among others. Prior to Garage, Bill was a co-founder or senior executive in several venture-backed technology startups, including Trademark Software, The Learning Company, and Academic Systems. Earlier in his career, he worked at McKinsey & Company, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., and the World Bank. Bill earned a B.A. at Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Stanford University. He was a founding board member and a Chairman of the Churchill Club, and is an advisor to the Women’s Startup Lab. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
Mark has 28 years of operational and investment experience in technology. He was CIO of Cognizant Technology Solution, a $7B global IT company where set up an Corporate VC/Enterprise Business Accelerator that will include a focus on cross border investments between Silicon Valley and Central/Eastern Europe. Mark was previously Managing Director with Trident Capital focusing on investments in Cleantech and IT, Software and Communications. Previously, Mark was Senior Vice President Global IT and CIO for Oracle Corporation, the world’s largest enterprise software provider where he managed global resources in 145 countries including Oracle’s On Demand (SaaS/cloud) operations. Prior to that, Mark co-managed an IT Outsourcing business at SAI where he also and sponsored nine strategic investments in early stage and growth companies resulting in “top tier” VC returns for the company.
Mark also held executive positions with Raytheon and Honeywell and was also a principle in two successful start-ups. Prior to entering the startup and corporate business world, Mark spent four years in professional football with the New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.
Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in engineering from California Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from National University and has received multiple management excellence awards throughout his career.
Ravi is the Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise seed accelerator backed by Cisco, DFJ, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce, SAP Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and USVP. CBInsights rated Alchemist the #1 Accelerator in 2016 based on the median fundraising amounts of its grads (YC was #2). Ravi formerly spent six years as part of the investment team at Draper Fisher Jurvetson’s Menlo Park global headquarters, where he led investments and served on the boards as the first institutional investor in companies such as Vizu (acq’d by Nielsen), Yield Software (acq’d by Autonomy), Justin.TV/Socialcam, Pubmatic, and Komli. Ravi formerly worked in product management at two Kleiner Perkins enterprise startups, and as a consultant in McKinsey and Company’s San Francisco office. Ravi is a Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi graduate of Stanford University, holding a BS with Distinction and MS in Industrial Engineering. Ravi also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Bill Reichert
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Garage Ventures
Mark Iwanowskii
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Pegasus Tech Ventures
Ravi Belani
Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Alchemist Accelerator
Steve Blank
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II)
Stanford University
Steve is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and teacher. Steve is recognized for developing the customer development method that launched the lean startup movement, a methodology which recognized that startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but require their own set of processes and tools to be successful.His Lean Launchpad class (taught as the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps) has become the standard for commercialization for all federal research. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford; lectures at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and is a senior fellow at Columbia University. He has written four books: The Four Steps to the Epiphany, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, The Startup Owner's Manual and Holding a Cat by the Tail.
Steve has been part of, or co-founded eight Silicon Valley startups. These have run the gamut from semiconductors, video games, personal computers, and supercomputers. (MIPS, Zilog, Rocket Science, SuperMac, Convergent Technologies, Ardent, ESL) Steve's last company was E.piphany, an enterprise software company.
Steve’s lean startup ideas have landed him on lists like Forbes’ 30 Most Influential People In Tech and the 2015 Thinkers50, having been called, “a big deal for the economy,” by HBS scholars
Steven writes about today's interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to innovation. His writings have influenced everything from cutting-edge ideas in urban planning to the battle against 21st-century terrorism. Johnson was chosen by Prospect magazine as one of the top ten brains of the digital future, and The Wall Street Journal calls him "one of the most persuasive advocates for the role of collaboration in innovation."
Johnson's work on the history of innovation inspired the Emmy-nominated six-part series on PBS, "How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson," which aired in the fall of 2014. The book version of How We Got To Now was a finalist for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award. His new book, Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World, revolves around the creative power of play and delight: ideas and innovations that set into motion many momentous changes in science, technology, politics and society. Johnson is also the author of the bestselling Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, one of his many books celebrating progress and innovation. Others include The Invention of Air and The Ghost Map. Everything Bad Is Good For You, one of the most discussed books of 2005, argued that the increasing complexity of modern media is training us to think in more complex ways. Emergence and Future Perfect explore the power of bottom-up intelligence in both nature and contemporary society. An innovator himself, Johnson has co-created three influential sites: the pioneering online magazine FEED, the Webby-Award-winning community site,, and the hyperlocal media site, which was acquired by AOL in 2011. Johnson is a regular contributor to WIRED magazine, as well as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other periodicals.
Vivek’s research is focused on the critical advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine, and nanomaterials, and how these advances are creating disruptive changes for companies, industries, governments and the culture at large. Vivek is a Harvad Distinguished Fellow, He is also currently a Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering, Director of Research at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, Vice President of Innovation and Research at Singularity University, and Fellow at Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Harvard Law School, and Emory University. Remarkably, he has held as many as six simultaneous appointments at top universities.

Vivek's syndicated column for The Washington Post is one of the world's most popular columns on all things technology and innovation. His newest bestselling book is Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain--and How to Fight Back. Previous books include the award-winning,The Driver in the Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices Will Create the Future, he also wrote The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent, which was named by The Economist as a Book of the Year of 2012, and Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology, for which the Financial Times named him #2 on its global list of the top ten men worth emulating.
Keith is founder and executive team member at Accelerator Ventures (ADV) - a UK Venture Company. He was born and raised in the UK and has lived in Palo Alto since 1997. Previously, Keith was a Partner at Archimedes Labs in Palo Alto, California. He is a co-founder of TechCrunch.
Keith has worked with Governments, Investors, boards, partners, customers; advertisers and their agencies, bankers; membership based organizations and Institutions and ecosystem stakeholders. Two of his companies were valued at over $1 billion (EasyNet and RealNames). Keith has worked to focus on the point at which change is happening. In the 1980's networking and databases (cScape). In the 1994-1998 period, Internet Access (EasyNet and Cyberia). From 1998-2010 - Web Services and Content (RealNames and TechCrunch), Mobile Consumer Applications ( and Archimedes Labs) and since 2017 Blockchain (Venture Network, ICOBox, Crypterium, R/Block, Fluz, EnergiMine and more).
Keith has served as chairman of the Board at Minds and Machines Inc (London AIM - MMX), and was an Advisory Board member at MedCo (now escrips) and Verisign.
Steven Berlin Johnson
Board Member, Advisor,
LP (Fund II) Author
Vivek Wadwa
Board Member, Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Keith Teare
Board Member, Advisor, LP (Fund II)
Howard Hartenbaum
August Capital
Stewart Guenther
Venture Capital Roundtail
Carol Sands
Founder & Managing partner
Halo Fund
Jim Simmons
Managing Partner
Simmons Goodspeed Ventures
John Lily
Greylock Partners
Bob Dorf
Startup Owners Manual
Jonathan Hsu
Co-founder & General partner
Tribe Capital
Mike Majors
Managing Partner
Data Point Capital
+7 775 771 5858
Toré Amanzholov