Investment Readiness
Accelerator (IRA)
Get your business ready for investments

IRA (Investment Readiness Accelerator) is the acceleration program for startups in Central Eurasia to prepare startups for investments.


Prepare seed-stage startups to attract the next round of investments

Increase the capitalization of the startups
Apply by 17 March
Up to $500'000 amount
of investments
Based on the results of the program, decisions will be made to invest in startups by MOST VC and UMAY Angels. Also participating in DemoDay will be partner funds, business angels, and representatives of corporations

The first month startups show their execution. Startups that do not fulfill half of the tasks set in the program leave the accelerator.
At the beginning of the program, MOST VC venture analysts will assign KPIs to all participating startups.

Personal Angels
All startups are provided with personal mentors from among the business angels who will help to improve the product and make it more attractive to investors



These are the results of previous IRA program graduates who received investments:

Group Meetings from General Partners of MOST Ventures

Managing Partner
MOST Ventures
Yelzhan Kushekbayev
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), co-founder of UMAY Angel’s Club, VC portfolio of 85+ startups, 4 exits

Managing Partner
MOST Ventures
CEO, MOST Holding


Managing Partner
MOST Ventures


Askar Bilisbekov

Managing Partner
Golden Gate Ventures

Jeffrey Paine

Investment Director
Quest Ventures

Ruslan Rakymbay

Founder и CEO
Creata-Ventures и TransforNation
David Tuganov
Founder of ASPEX,
School of Financial Analysis and BIAnalytics
Yulia Gaynutdinova
Co-Founder Oilan
Ex-Manager at Yellow Rockets

Andrey Kryukov
CFO MOST Holding

Ilyas Murzagaliev
Tracker RIS Ventures, IIDF,
SKB Kontur Head of
Mikhail Shvartsburd
Investor & CEO at APIT Capital
Vladimir Korovin
Managing Partner at TBA partners
Leonid Larshin
Business Tracker Accompanied 300+ high-sustainability startups, provided
500+ consultations to SMEs
Tatyana Khasanova


Founder and Head of
Leorsa Innovations Venture Fund
Vyacheslav Dernovskiy
Founder Gedocorp CMO CNV Analytics
Aleksey Dobrusin
Business Tracker COO в Atomic Wallet
Konstantin Osipov
Business coach in B2Bselling
Maxim Plotnikov
CEO Unicorn Factory,
international expert
Alena Petrova
Founder Cododrome Ex-Director
at Yellow Rockets & Astana Hub
Arkadiy Seleznev
Temirlan Makhsut

UMAY Angels Club

Bakht Niyazov

Founder and head of the fund,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
of Falconry Capital
Managing partner
Quest Ventures, Singapore

James Tan

Investor, Managing Director
of 212.VC

Ali Karabey
Business trainer, entrepreneur, marketing director and author of "Brain Fitness" system

> 7 major venture capital and corporate partners
> 20 business angels
> 20 trackers / mentors / experts
Ex- General Manager
Invest team

Founder и CEO Creata-Ventures и TransforNation

Founder of ASPEX, School of Financial Analysis and BIAnalytics
MOST Ventures

Torezhan Amanzholov
MOST Ventures

Inkar Ospanova
What is included
in the program?

Requirements for startups
  • CEO must have a majority stake in the startup
  • In-person presence at MOST HUB in Almaty for the duration of the program
  • Startups that have not met half of the goal by week 5 are dropped out of the program
  • Obligatory attendance at traction meetings
Get your business ready for investments
Implemented with the support of the following Partners:

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